Frank Tucker: ‘His decision changed our lives’

Frank Tucker
Nominated by Tempie Davie, Girlfriend

frank-tuckerThree years ago, we were sinking in debt, both working dead end, minimum wage jobs when Frank announced he was getting his CDL back and going trucking! I was terrified. What did this mean? Would I ever see him again? Could he really make enough money to make a difference in our lives? He stood his ground, he went back to school, and got his CDL back. The next week he landed a job and went to work. He spent the next two weeks trying to calm my fears, and working long hours to show me it was OK. When he got the first settlement check, I was a believer! He came home, picked me up, and I road along for the next six months while he convinced me that I could do it too. He was my biggest cheerleader and supporter while I was in school, and I could not have done it without him. Today we drive team, we are debt free, and we are achieving our goals. His decision to make a change, changed our lives, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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