Danielle Root: ‘The professional truck driver everyone wants’


Danielle Root
Nominated by Cheri Smith, Friend

Danielle RootDanielle is the driver everyone wants. She gets the job done! She has been in the trucking business since 2004. She went into trucking after working behind a desk getting nowhere.

Danielle would give the shirt off her back to help others. She has put a roof over her siblings’ heads and was about to lose it until she changed her career. Being a truck driver she gets to help others in need and see the world.

Her husband at the time was a truck driver and showed her the ropes. Giltner, Inc was the only company that she had worked for that had women truck drivers. Women don’t have it easy entering a man’s field but that didn’t stop her. She has gone to weigh stations that don’t have women’s bathrooms. She takes two dogs for protection. There have been shippers that refuse to load the truck because there wasn’t a man in the truck to secure the load.

This woman is incredible! She is reliable and determined to get the load delivered on time. She is the professional truck driver everyone wants.