Jeff Saunders: ‘He’s always there for me’

Jeff Saunders
Nominated by Tammy Hatton, Significant other

SaundersJeff is my man he has a new name: My children have call him dad and my grandchildren call him Grandpa. He is so good with all of them as well as he is with me .When I am sad he’s the one I call; when I’m happy or excited he’s the one I call. He will laugh with me or cry with me, but he’s always there for me whether it be by the phone or in person.

He puts up with sometimes burned meatloaf or overcooked chicken without saying a word. He takes me out for special little suppers and waits way too long for me to get ready but never complains. He tries to encourage me to do things that I’ve never done. For instance, riding a motorcycle then proceeding on to getting a motorcycle license and then traveling on the motorcycle. It’s an adventure.

I’ve got to tell you, he also showed me that just because I’m a nurse doesn’t mean I can’t be a secretary. He is the president of Guardians of the Children from Canton South Dakota. I am now a secretary for the GOC and I love every minute of it and I love him with my whole heart!