Ronald Britt: ‘My trucker always helps when he can’

Updated Sep 6, 2018

Ronald Britt
Nominated by Dorothy Britt, Wife

My trucker always helps when he can, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing or 110 degrees I have personally seen him do it. Helping other drivers throw chains, checking tires, or helping slide weight. I have seen him jump out of the truck to help people when they have had accidents, and pickup animals that need help. I have seen him buy coffee and meals for others be it drivers or someone down on their luck. I have been with him for 33 years and seen this. Now he has been driving for 48 years and just turned 72 years old. He is not ready to give up driving, he just bought another truck. This is my trucker and I love him. He has taken care of me through heart surgery and now cancer, he has been by side through it all. Yes I love him!