Stephen Bryant: ‘Always puts me and trucking first’

Stephen Bryant
Nominated by Vanessa Bryant, Wife and co-driver

Kimg1286My husband, Stephen Bryant is also my co-driver. He got me interested in driving and is a wonderful mentor. I rely on his valuable experience every day. Stephen has an uncanny ability to maneuver into and out of tight spaces. He makes safe-driving a priority. He does whatever it takes to have an on-time delivery. My husband is courteous to other drivers; often helping with a mechanical problem or giving sage advice. He always seems to find a lonely driver at a truck stop and has them laughing by the end of dinner or over a load of laundry. We only get home every five to six weeks, because every mile we drive gets us closer to the house we are saving for. My husband never fails to surprise me, and I somehow always have a special gift waiting when I walk in the door. We spend more time together than most couples, yet he remains my best friend. Stephen always puts me and trucking first. I’m glad I have an opportunity to thank him for all he does. He makes this industry a better place.