William Waugh: ‘He is a very hard working man’

William Waugh
Nominated by Christina Dunning, Boyfriend

William WaughMy boyfriend of 3.5 years is the best man and trucker I know. We dated in high school for a bit, then didn’t see him for 30 years and I finally found him on Facebook 3.5 years ago and we have been together ever since. He truly is my best friend and soulmate. He is a very hard working man, great provider and spoils me rotten and I spoil him as well. He has been a trucker for 32 years this past August. The time apart is very hard, but our time together is so worth the distance during the week. I would wait forever for him because he is my soulmate. We are planning to get married next summer sometime and we are both excited. That is why I love my trucker so much is because he loves, cares and trusts me as much as I do him! He tells me all the time he should have (kept me) in high school and I say well we have the rest of our lives now. I can honestly say he is my soulmate and I will never love another man as long as I live. He is the only one who has shown me true love.