Ricky Poole: ‘what a professional truck driver is all about’

Ricky Poole
Nominated by Candy Dominguez, Fiancé

9 Dfa7021 287 F 4716 92 B0 C9 F489 Baa413My trucker is what a professional truck driver is all about from being a safe and courteous driver to taking care of his customers. He is closing in on his million mile mark and I am proud of him as he strives to reach for his goal. I’m excited to get to share that milestone with him. Ricky has brought so much love, joy, and laughter to my life. He’s everything I didn’t know I was missing and I can’t see my life without him now. So that statement IF YOU GOT IT, A TRUCK PROBABLY BROUGHT IT is very true in this respect because a truck brought the love of my “new” life to me. I love my trucker!