James Wasko: ‘My mentor, teacher and inspiration.’

James Wasko
Nominated by Kimberly Wasko, daughter

James WaskoThe trucker is my dad — the past 50+ years.  I grew up around trucking. He drove every make & model of truck & heavy equipment that exists. He’s traveled all but three states over his career. He has experienced life-threatening truck malfunctions and survived to live to tell the tales. Nothing we would ever experience in this day and age. Now it was my turn to get my CDLA license. Apart from school, my dad trained me every week to gain the skills to drive. He set up the most difficult scenarios and equipment and spaces for me to train in — it sucked at the time, but I know I would be better skilled because of it. My dad who was a pioneer in his field and still trucking to this day. My mentor, teacher, and inspiration.