Jason Lederman” ‘I love being able to stand next to him’


Jason Lederman
Nominated by Jessica Lederman, wife

Ilmt 2019 HeartMy love was over the road for 26 years. This man truly loves diesel. He provided for his family but never knew what vacations were. All he knew is that he had to make a living for his family. For the last three years he has been a regional driver and home every night but OMG he works so hard. He still gains respect for all his hard work by his bosses and the customers. He is so genuine; it’s crazy to find anyone like him these days. I have so much respect for him and I love being able to stand next to him. I try to get him to have a life but all he wants to do is work! Finally getting a foot surgery that he has put off for several years only because he has the time now because he does not want me to struggle while he will be out of commission. I have never met someone who works 50+ (hours) every week with a “boot” on (until he has the surgery), because he wants to provide for us! I love and respect him so much. He is my asphalt cowboy (and) always will be!