More folks tell us about the truckers they luv

To the outside world, the face of the American trucker may be that of the anonymous person whose truck they fly past on the interstate. It’s a man or woman they glimpse in the driver’s side window but couldn’t recognize again if they met in a truck stop parking lot. Quickly seen and even more quickly forgotten.

But, for the spouse, fiance, partner or child back home, that man or woman is their world. That trucker is the glue that holds the family together, the good provider, the precious parent.

We know that because of what folks told us when we asked to know about the trucker they luv. Here’s a sampling of what they said:

Naomi Hansen said of Lionell Cooper: “He is kind, loving, passionate, affectionate, family and God-centered, driven and an amazing cuddler. He is the perfect guy for me. We are stronger because of how difficult this year has been. We continue to grow and love each other. We have a lifetime to keep growing and learning and he makes it worth it.”

Tori Evans wrote of her husband Jon: “He sacrifices so much for our little family and tries his hardest to give us the best life possible, even though he isn’t home for the bulk of it. He is an inspiration. Our hero!!”

Erika Gaeta said of her fiance Kendall Claxton: “He is an amazing father and partner. He always puts us, his family, first and promises to always be safe on the road for us and everyone else.”

Writing of her husband Robert, Brandie Wilcox said: “He puts our needs above his own so the kids can have a better life than we had! He is my best friend, the love of my life, and an amazing father.”

Fiance Ashley Edstrand said of Raymond Guimond: “I love my trucker because he goes beyond what is expected and he works his butt off to make sure our kids and I can have an amazing life.”

Jacquelyn Bryant told us about her fiance Rory Jenkins Sr.: “He is passionate about trucking and strives for excellence in what he does.”

Now, tell us about the trucker YOU luv!