Lionell Cooper: ‘Miss him every moment he is gone’

Updated Sep 24, 2019

Lionell Cooper
Nominated by Naomi Hansen, Partner

Adc1 Fe0 A Af35 4 F85 8 A54 5 E9 Df5 D4 F7641My trucker and I have been together for almost exactly a year. That year has not been easy… but is this life ever easy? The amazing thing is that though it all we have made it. We fell in love fast and deeply. He loves me and my (now our) two boys so much. He stepped up and stepped in to help raise them like he had known them their whole lives, even though his two are already grown. When I look at all the difficulties of this life as truckers and the ones that love them, there is no one else I would go through this with. He is kind, loving, passionate, affectionate, family and God-centered, driven and an amazing cuddler. He is the perfect guy for me. We are stronger because of how difficult this year has been. We continue to grow and love each other. We have a lifetime to keep growing and learning and he makes it worth it. He puts everything on the line for this family every day. I miss him every moment he is gone, and appreciate every single moment I get with him.