Scott Lopas: ‘Went straight into Help Fellow Americans mode’


Scott Lopas
Nominated by Janet Lopas, Wife

Scott RelaxingWhen COVID hit America, Scott had been on the road for two weeks. I have asthma and heart issues, and our son has asthma; we discussed at great length what should be done for our family and for our country. Scott knew he couldn’t come home, as he’d been in several states in a short time and there was so much uncertainty surrounding the transmission of the disease, that we opted for him to stay out to help as much as possible. He wasn’t able to come in off the road for 7 weeks. There were so many days that he had to go without eating more than once because truck stops either closed down or had shortened their hours, clothes washing went to the wayside as he did nothing but drive and sleep for weeks. He’s got a lot to be proud of. He’s driven almost 3 million miles with no accidents, no equipment failures, and no work beyond wiper blades, oil changes, and tires on any truck he’s driven, and went straight into “Help Fellow Americans” mode when asked.