Which country has highest paid truck drivers?


Flags around the worldIf you’re like most American truck drivers, you’ve run the lower 48 and maybe some of the Canadian provinces. Rare is the driver who has driven in other countries, especially those where they drive on the wrong side of the highway. Still, it’s hard not to wonder about how truckers elsewhere drive, and how much they get paid for their work. The personal finance website insidermonkey.com recently looked at what drivers in other countries earn, converted the outcomes to U.S. dollars and ranked them. See which countries pay their drivers the most and how the U.S. compares.

See which country has the best paid truck drivers.See which country has the best paid truck drivers.

8. Sweden $32,8288. Sweden $32,828

7. United Kingdom $33,7587. United Kingdom $33,758

6. France $41,9576. France $41,957

5. Australia $42,9225. Australia $42,922

4. Netherlands $43,4644. Netherlands $43,464

3. Canada $43,8303. Canada $43,830

2. U.S.A. $50,3102. U.S.A. $50,310

1. Norway $56,0641. Norway $56,064