Trucker relief fund gets $100,000 boost from Love's

Love's Travel Stops

Love’s Travel Stops today announced it has donated $100,000 to the St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund, which helps professional truck drivers and their families during difficult times.

Love’s first donated to St. Christopher in April 2020 when the company gave $100,000 to help drivers during the coronavirus pandemic. The relief fund helps with expenses like rent, mortgage, utilities, insurance and vehicle payments as well as provides health and wellness programs for drivers. 

“Professional truck drivers keep America moving, and this is one way we’re thanking them for all they do for the country,’’ said Jenny Love Meyer, executive vice president and chief culture officer of Love’s. “St. Christopher is a great organization that helps drivers every day, and we’re glad to continue to support the organization.” 

 “As president of SCF, as well as a customer of Love’s, we are proud to be in a partnership that serves and cares for the trucking industry,” said Joyce Brenny, president of SCF and CEO of Brenny Specialized. “On behalf of the crew at Brenny and board of directors at SCF, a gracious thank you.”

Truckers needing assistance can apply online.