Trucking foundation donates $25,000 to CDL training programs

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Center for Employment Training

CET logoCenter for Employment TrainingToday, the Trucking Cares Foundation donated $25,000 to the Center for Employment Training, an organization that provides education and hands-on training to individuals seeking employment in high-demand fields.  The center has 12 programs in three states: California, Texas, and Virginia.

“CET’s mission is to equip individuals with skills that will enable them to obtain careers leading to self-sufficiency in high-demand occupations and prepare them for a lifetime of success,” said TCF Chairman Phil Byrd, president and CEO of Bulldog Hiway Express. “Through this donation, the Trucking Cares Foundation hopes to open the door of opportunity to more young people seeking economic independence and rewarding careers in the trucking industry.”

"At the Center for Employment Training, our Truck Driving Program is more than just learning to operate a vehicle; it's a commitment to human development and self-sufficiency,” said Hermelinda Sapien, president and CEO of Center for Employment Training. “Through hands-on skills training, we empower underserved and underrepresented populations with barriers to employability, providing a tangible pathway to gain the skills needed for a fulfilling and independent future. Our mission is to drive positive change by equipping individuals with the tools they need to navigate not just the roads but the journey toward self-reliance and success." 

CET is an economic and community development corporation that promotes human development and education by providing people with marketable skills training and supportive services that contribute to self-sufficiency.