PGT Trucking honors drivers, others; million mile driver wins new pickup

William Redding, a million-mile driver for PGT Trucking, won the grand prize, a new Ford F-150 pickup.
William Redding, a million-mile driver for PGT Trucking, won the grand prize, a new Ford F-150 pickup.
PGT Trucking

Aliquippa, Pennsylvania-based PGT Trucking Inc. recently recognized 46 Million Mile Drivers, 104 Safe Drivers and 24 Premier Professionals at the company's annual awards event, held at Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh on May 18. 

The top award winners included:

  • Bob Cowart, Terminal Manager of the Year
  • Sam Thompson-Graves, recipient of the Bill Wright Award for Team Player of the Year
  • David Legendre and Cole Welham, PGT MVPs of the Year
  • Paul Vargo, recipient of the President’s Award
  • Angelo Villavicencio, Safety Professional of the Year
  • Ross Tindall, recipient of the David Levin Award for Company Driver of the Year
  • Bogdan Yakimiv, recipient of the Harry “Buster” Barnes Award for Independent Contractor of the Year
  • Josh Myers, Rookie Driver of the Year
  • Dustin Show, Certified PRO Trainer of the Year
  • Steve Corfee, recipient of the Terry “Kuz” Kusniar Award for Premier Professional Driver of the Year.

PGT also inducted three new Million Mile Drivers, including Keith Ackerman, Raymundo Barboza, and Ken McKinney.

Million Mile Driver William Redding won the grand prize: a new Ford F-150.

“Every year, we honor the numerous Proud Professional Million Mile and Safe Drivers who play a significant role in the overall success of PGT,” said Pat Gallagher, PGT Trucking chief executive officer. “No matter the circumstances, these drivers remain committed to delivering each load in a safe and timely manner. It is their hard work and dedication that gives PGT the reputation we have today.”

PGT’s Million Mile Drivers have accomplished this status by driving one million miles or more without a safety incident. Safe Drivers have driven for the company for more than five years, but less than one million miles, without a safety incident. PGT’s Premier Professionals are the safest and most reliable drivers in the company’s fleet, consistently maintaining superior performance levels.