Hearty turkey wrap easy to make & easy to handle

Updated Aug 13, 2014

If you need something more than a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts to keep hunger at bay, consider this healthy — and hearty — turkey wrap sandwich.

• 3/4 10-inch whole-wheat tortilla
• 1 ounce low-fat cream cheese
• Big handful of lettuce or spinach
• Three slices of sliced turkey
• Small handful of shredded carrot
• Optional: diced tomatoes or onions, mushrooms

Spread cream cheese evenly over tortilla. Distribute carrot and lettuce (or spinach) and any other optional items, and press down lightly to adhere it to the cream cheese (this will help prevent veggies from dropping out while you’re eating). Next, place turkey on top of vegetables, roll up the tortilla and put a toothpick or two through the wrap. Store in a baggie or plastic food-saver container, and store in your in-cab refrigerator or cooler.