To get fit for the road, exercise like a kid

Keeping a jump rope in the cab is an easy way to have exercise equipment at hand.

As sophisticated as the wellness/fitness world has become, sometimes the best thing — and most convenient one — to do is to return to childhood.

With a tight schedule and the limited space in your truck, most exercise equipment is impractical. However, there are a couple of items you can take with you that will help maintain your fitness routine and not take up much space.


• Fitness hoop: These hoops (a.k.a Hula Hoops) aren’t just for kids anymore. Weighted and designed for fitness, they provide a great workout for your core.

• Jump rope: If you haven’t used a jump rope in years (or ever), take it easy at first. Your ankles will take quite a blow if you get overzealous. Start with two or three sets of 10 jumps, and work up from there.