Cut 500 calories a day and lose a pound per week

Math class is in session, and so is this lesson in losing weight.

If you are a calorie counter, as many folks are, this is an important number: 3,500. That’s how many fewer calories you need to the to lose a pound of weight. Spread out over a week, that equals 500 calories each day.

Next step: multiply 3,500 fewer calories times a calendar year and your weight loss equals a highly respectable 52 pounds.

Here is a modest list of foods you may encounter as you drive that contain about 500 calories or more, ones that could become potholes on your road to weight loss success:

  • McDonald’s large chocolate shake = 505 calories
  • Burger King large fries = 500 calories
  • 8 oz. can of Mountain Dew = 696 calories
  • 6” Pizza Hut Meat Lover’s personal pan pizza = 890 calories
  • Marie Callender’s chicken pot pie = 609 calories
  • Starbucks blueberry scone = 499 calories
  • Dunkin Donuts sausage, egg and cheese croissant sandwich = 710 calories
  • Stouffer’s French bread pepperoni pizza (2 pieces) = 820
  • Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait = 730 calories
  • KFC extra crispy thigh value box = 630 calories