5 in-cab exercises for when its cold outside

Body weight exercises can keep you fit when it’s too cold to workout outside.

When winter weather takes over and the cold is permeating your cab, you may not want to venture out into the elements to exercise.

Prevent the cold weather from keeping you from meeting your fitness goals by putting your muscles to work inside your cab.

These five bodyweight exercises require no equipment. You may want to use a mat to make them more comfortable, but these exercises can all be done on the floor if you don’t have a mat available. Stretch before beginning these exercises so that your muscles are warmed up and ready.

1. Alternating Bird Dog

Kneel on a mat or blanket on all fours with your legs and hands slightly apart. Raise your left arm out straight beside your head while extending your right leg up out behind your body. Lower your arm and leg to the floor, going back to your original position. Repeat by raising and lowering your right arm and left leg in the same manner. Repeat by alternating between opposite sides. Make sure you lift your legs and arms deliberately without jerking.

2. Lying Leg Raise

Lie supine on a mat or on the floor. Place your hands under your lower buttock on each side to support your pelvis. Raise your legs by flexing your hips and knees until your thighs are completely flexed. Return until your hips and knees are extended. Repeat.

3. Close Grip Push-up

Lie prone on the floor with your hands under your shoulders or slightly narrower. Position your body up off the floor with your arms extended and body straight. Keeping your body straight, lower your body to the floor by bending your arms. Push your body up until your arms are extended. Repeat.

4. Standing Calf Raise

Position your toes and the balls of your feet on a step or wedge with arches and heels extending off. Place your hand on support for balance. Raise your heels by extending your ankles as high as possible. Lower your heels by bending your ankles until your calves are stretched. Repeat.

5. Side Bridge/Plank

Lie on your side or on a mat. Place your forearm under your shoulder perpendicular to your body. Place your upper leg directly on top of your lower leg and straighten your knees and hips. Raise your hips upward by lateral flexion of your spine. Lower to the original position and repeat. Repeat with opposite side.