5 common myths about diabetes face the facts

Diabetes is complicated, and there are several myths out about the disease that can muddy up the actual facts.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) addresses some of the most common myths, fact-checking them on their website.

These five myths may be common but they’re also false:

Myth 1: Diabetes is not that serious of a disease.

Fact: According to the ADA, diabetes causes more deaths in a year than breast cancer and AIDS combined.

Myth 2: People with diabetes can’t eat sweets or chocolate.

Fact: The ADA says that, when combined with a healthy meal plan or exercise regimen, sweets and desserts can be eaten by people with diabetes. 

Myth 3: You can catch diabetes from someone else.

Fact: Diabetes is not contagious.

Myth 4: People with diabetes are more likely to get colds or other illnesses. 

Fact: You are no more likely to get a cold or another illness if you have diabetes, according to the ADA.

Myth 5: If you are overweight or obese, you will eventually develop Type 2 diabetes.

Fact: Being overweight is a risk factor for developing diabetes, but according to the ADA, most overweight people never develop Type 2 diabetes.