Strong Driver fitness seat strap turns your rig into a gym

Strong Driver seat strap system (Image Courtesy of Strong Driver)

There’s not a lot of fitness equipment designed for truck drivers. One driver wanted to give truckers a truck-specific fitness option.

Truck driver Raymond Bailey created the Strong Driver Fitness Seat strap because he wanted to be able to work out in the comfort of his cab. He experienced beneficial  changes and wanted to share them with other drivers.

“I felt the deep desire and passion to share my product with other truck drivers in hopes it could empower them as well, to improve their health and reap the many positive benefits of daily exercise instead of just sitting in the cab doing nothing,” Bailey said.

The nylon Strong Driver Fitness strap can be attached to any truck seat. The kit includes two 20-pound and two 30-pound resistance bands. It includes an instruction manual with suggested exercises to help you get started.

The seat strap system retails for $45 online.