3 delicious chicken recipes for your rice cooker

Rice cookers can cook so much more than just rice. These handy cookers can help you whip up some great meals in your truck.

These three chicken recipes from Aroma will bring some flavor to your cab and have everyone at the truck stop thinking you’re actually a chef:

1. Whole Rice Cooker Chicken

Lemon, rosemary and small onions come together to make a whole chicken that’s way better than the ones you find at the supermarket. Cooking the chicken whole cuts down on your prep time beforehand, and cooks on the “white rice” setting.

2. Shredded BBQ Chicken and Cornbread

Who doesn’t love BBQ chicken and cornbread? You can make this fulfilling classic in your cab’s rice cooker with just a handful of ingredients, and cook it on the “cake” or “white rice” setting.

3. Slow Cooked Lemon Chicken

Shred this lemon chicken up once it’s done cooking and eat it as is, add it to tacos, mix it with rice — you’ll have a lot of ways to reuse your leftovers for several days. This recipe combines fresh lemon juice, garlic, red wine vinegar, oregano and onion together for a flavorful, savory meal after four hours of cooking.