FMCSA medical board makes sleep apnea recommendations

Sleep apnea is often treat with a CPAP machine.

The Medical Review Board of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration outlined this week its official recommendations to the agency on screening and disqualification criteria for truck drivers who are suspected of having moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

The board’s preliminary recommendations, which have not yet been approved by the board, encourage FMCSA to require a trucker to be screened for sleep apnea if he or she:

(1) has a body mass index greater than 40, or

(2) has a body mass index greater than 33 and meets three of the following: is older than 42, is male, is a postmenopausal female, has diabetes, has high blood pressure, has a neck size greater than 17 inches (males) or 15.5 inches (females), has a history of heart disease, snores loudly, has witnessed apneas, has a small airway, has untreated hypothyroidism or has micrognathia or retrognathia.

James Jaillet, writing for Truckers News’ sister publication Commercial Carrier Journal, details the medical board’s suggestions and what it might mean for truck drivers. See his complete story.