Try these tips on how to relax … if you can

fit-for-the-road-logo-headers“Relax,” they say.

“Slow down,” they say.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff,” they say.

“Yeah, right,” you reply.

50-ways-to-relax“Read this,” we say.

Being on the road and on the move all day for most of your days often means relaxation takes a backseat to productivity and playing your version of “Beat The Clock.” And, if you’re like many folks, relaxing sometimes is just not in the family budget.

Here are a few ways — you have to pick and choose since they may not truck driver-specific or even applicable to life on the road — you can sneak a little relaxation into your everyday routine.

Even more helpful are some of the tips on how to avoid behaviors that undermine your ability to relax.

Courtesy of: Quid Corner