Car dragged 16 miles after rear-ending truck in whiteout

Severe winter weather in northern Michigan led to an bizarre truck/car accident early Wednesday (Jan. 7) morning.

The driver of a minivan traveling northbound on I-75 rear-ended a tractor-trailer during a whiteout near Roscommon, and the vehicle was dragged behind the truck for some 16 miles. None of the four family members in the mini-van was seriously injured.

Police photo of truck (left) that dragged the minivan (right) 16 miles.

The two vehicles were finally separated when the driver pulled off I-75 into a rest area near Grayling.

Throughout the 23-minute ordeal, the family in the 2001 Toyota Sienna was on a cell phone with 911. They explained they were wedged under the truck and had lost power so had no heat, no lights and no horn to signal the driver.

Police said the trucker had no idea the minivan was wedged under his truck.