Las Vegas company put out of service by FMCSA

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has ordered Las Vegas-based JDJD Transportation to immediately shut down following an investigation that revealed violations of safety regulations.

The company, which was declared an imminent hazard to public safety, operated three trucks transporting heavy equipment, machinery and metal in the Southwest.

In January, FMCSA safety investigators completed a compliance investigation into JDJD Transportation during which violations were found, including:

  • Failing to ensure that its drivers complied with hours-of-service regulations, including limitations on daily driving and maximum on-duty hours.  During the investigation, investigators found that JDJD Transportation failed to maintain copies of drivers’ records and had no safety management system to check and ensure driver compliance.
  • Failing to ensure drivers possess a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) and that they were qualified to operate a commercial motor vehicle, using drivers that had not been tested for drug or alcohol use, and failing to implement a drug and alcohol testing program.
  • Failing to systematically inspect, repair, and maintain its commercial vehicles.  JDJD Transportation had no annual inspection records and did not require drivers to conduct pre- and post-trip inspections for its 15- to 30-year-old vehicles despite a pattern of roadside inspections finding maintenance problems.

During the previous nine months before the compliance review, JDJD Transportation was subjected to nine roadside inspections.  On all but two occasions, multiple safety violations were discovered.  During the most recent inspection, three days before FMCSA ordered the carrier to cease operations, JDJD Transportation’s vehicle was placed out-of-service for multiple safety defects, including cracks in the vehicle’s frame.

During this same nine-month period, the company has also been cited for failing to ensure compliance with load securement, size limitation, and signage requirements.  In December 2014, a JDJD Transportation flatbed trailer hauling heavy equipment struck an overpass bridge near Houston.  The driver was cited with transporting an oversized load, having an expired license and having no insurance.

The FMCSA imminent hazard order directs JDJD Transportation to cease all commercial motor vehicle operations, including all interstate and intrastate transportation, from all dispatching locations or terminals.  FMCSA also simultaneously revoked the carrier’s federal operating authority and suspended its USDOT number.

A copy of the imminent hazard out-of-service order can be viewed at