Beware of thefts on I-40 and I-55

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More than 40 “pilferage” events have occurred at truck stops and highway pull-offs in recent weeks along interstates in Arkansas, says FreightWatch International, prompting the cargo theft prevention firm to issue a warning to carriers and drivers along the affected routes.

The cargo theft events have taken place along I-40 between West Memphis, Ark., and Forrest City, Ark., and on I-55 between West Memphis and Turrell, Ark.

Cargo thieves have been breaking seals on trailers, opening the trailer doors to check contents, deciding whether the goods are valuable and targeting items “easily fenced,” FreightWatch says. Sometimes they leave cargo untouched.

Items stolen range from poultry to firearms, FreightWatch says. Law enforcement officers arrested one suspect, but the investigation continues.

If stops must be taken along the affected routes, FreightWatch says drivers should be “be extra vigilant and immediately report any suspicious observations to the police and their dispatch.”

Drivers should back trailers against solid structures to try to impede thieves from opening trailer doors.