Dartco benefit for drivers: Bose Ride seats

Bose Ride seat now a benefit for some Dartco drivers

St. Paul, Minn.-based Dartco, Inc., a member of the Dart Network, announce it has begun installing Bose Ride® seats in its trucks.  Long-haul drivers who have been with the company three or more years, and drive a truck with less than 250,000 miles on it, will be among the first to enjoy the seats.

“We are grateful for the hard work and dedication that drivers put in their job every day,” said Joe Kilgore, Dartco operations manager.  “The Bose seat is one way we are giving back to and investing in our drivers.”

According to the company, the Bose Ride senses your position and acceleration and generates counteracting forces so it eliminates vibrations up to 90 percent.

“Drivers spend a lot of time in their truck,” Kilgore said, “And being comfortable while they drive is important.  When we heard how much our drivers could possibly benefit from the Bose seats, we jumped at the opportunity to serve them.”

In addition to offering the seats to employee drivers with Dartco, Dart Transit Company is offering the seat as an alternate to its sign-on bonus for newly contracted owner-operators.  Dart’s current owner-operators are eligible to purchase the seat at Dart’s cost, plus installation.

The Bose seat will also be an added incentive for driver trainers, who will receive seats for both the driver and passenger, free of charge.

Bose Corporation,  founded in 1964, may be best known for its high quality audio equipment.

Founded in 1934, Dart is a dry van carrier with many operating choices for professional truck drivers.  Dart offers over-the-road, dedicated, regional, and short haul options.