Company ordered by court to pay for ADA violation

PAM Transport (No. 54 in the Commercial Carrier Journal’s Top 250) was ordered recently by the Department of Labor DOL) to pay 12 former drivers nearly half a million dollars after it was determined that the carrier violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The DOL said the carrier subjected its drivers to a medical clearance policy that required drivers to notify the company whenever they had contact with a medical professional, including routine physicals.

The DOL’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said the policy violated federal law and filed a lawsuit against the carrier following a failed attempt at a settlement.

The court subsequently ordered PAM to halt the policy in April 2012 and issued Feb. 26, 2015, an order ordered the carrier to pay $225,998 in back pay to the drivers, with interest. It also ordered the company to pay $49,114 in compensatory damages and $202,287 in punitive damages.