Tolls go up for Detroit-Windsor bridge crossing

Ambassador Bridge

Tolls for trucks crossing the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, Canada will increase starting next month.

Rates effective May 1 for commercial vehicles (tractor, trailer, including driver and passengers) are:

  • Class A: 0 – 36,000 lbs. $3.50/axle
  • Class B: 36,001 lbs. – 54,000 lbs. $4.00/axle
  • Class C: 54,001 lbs. – 145,000 lbs. $5.50/axle
  • Wide Loads 9′ – 13’6″ $60 plus axle charge

Effective June 1 there will be a $5 fee plus tolls per trip will be charged for non-active DIBC / CTC account holders.

In order to avoid this additional fee go to to view and register to become an account holder for any accounts.