Truck driver hailed as hero for saving motorist from fire

Updated Jul 3, 2015

A 37-year-old truck driver is being called a hero for pulling a motorist from a vehicle fire on I-95 in Jacksonville, Fla. Thursday (July 2).

Julian Kaczor, a veteran of 18 years of over the road driving, was on his way to make a delivery Deerfield Thursday morning when a car sped past, almost hitting the front of his truck. He watched as the car struck a construction barrier.

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Kaczor reportedly stopped, and while checking on the driver, the car burst into flames. The trucker retrieved the fire extinguisher, tried fighting the flames before pulling the driver from the wrecked vehicle.

A second unidentified truck driver stopped, and helped Kaczor pull the man to safety.

The Florida Highway Patrol said Henry Christopher Bell, 49, was taken to UF Health with serious injuries.