Texas police shoot driver of truck in weird chase

Updated Jan 27, 2016

Police near Dallas, Texas Wednesday (July 15) ended a strange chase when an officer wounded the driver of a stolen tractor-trailer as the man tried to run down the officer.

According to various media accounts, here’s what happened:

  • a red Mack with a flatbed trailer attached was reported stolen
  • the truck is said to have pushed another vehicle into traffic at an intersection
  • it struck, but did not injure, a child on a bicycle
  • the truck was seen — and heard — circling the Kaufman County courthouse with its air horn blasting
  • and it was followed/chased by police for some 20 minutes

The pursuit ended when a Kaufman County sheriff’s deputy shot and wounded the driver in the face and arm after he swerved the truck towards the officer.

The truck’s driver was hospitalized, but police did not release his condition, his name or what charges he faced.

Check out the televised report of the incident.