Electronic truck parking notification system gets $25 million

An effort to solve the problem of inadequate truck parking — at least in the Midwest — just got a large financial boost from the federal government.

Electronic signs like this one alert drivers to available spaces at rest areas.

The federal Department of Transportation (DOT) today announced a $25 million grant to the Regional Truck Parking Information and Management System Project to implement technology to identify and alert drivers to available parking along major truck routes in eight Midwestern states.

The program is sponsored by the State of Kansas, which partners with Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin to install a video and Internet based system at state-owned and private truck rest areas.

The project includes traveler information websites, truck parking signage along interstates, and smart phone applications to inform truck drivers of parking availability.

Projects using the technology are already in place on parts of I-94.