AAA predicts 42 million drivers on roads for Thanksgiving travel

AAA logo (Image courtesy of AAA)

Truck drivers will have to be ready to share the road with a lot more people next week.

AAA Travel says nearly 42 million drivers will head out on the roads for 50 miles or more from home for their Thanksgiving holiday travels next week.

This year’s prediction is a 0.7 percent increase over the number of Thanksgiving drivers last year. AAA defines the Thanksgiving holiday travel period as Nov. 25-29, according to a news release. 

An increased number of drivers on the roads comes with an increased amount of breakdowns for truck drivers to have to avoid. AAA said the organization expects to rescue and respond to more than 360,000 motorists during the Thanksgiving travel period. They anticipate the primary reasons for these rescues will be dead batteries, flat tires and lockouts.