Which states have the worst drivers? Find out here

If you’ve ever had a close encounter with a driver in Montana, you’re probably not alone: the state is first in the nation when it comes to having the worst drivers.

Car Insurance Comparison, a car insurance comparison website, released rankings recently showing which states had the worst drivers. The study was based on statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Each state was ranked using these categories:

  • Fatalities rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled
  • Failure to obey (Percentage of crashes that involved traffic signals, not wearing seat belts and driving with an invalid driver’s license) 
  • Drunk driving (Percentage of fatal crashes that involved alcohol)
  • Speeding (percentage of driving fatalities that were speed-related)
  • Careless driving (Pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities per 100,000 population)

These are the top 25 states with the worst drivers based on the Car Insurance Comparison rankings:

24. Tennessee (Tie)

24. North Carolina (Tie)

22. Illinois (Tie)

22. California (Tie)

20. New Hampshire (Tie)

20. Arkansas (Tie)

19. Rhode Island

18. Colorado

16. Pennsylvania (Tie)

16. Missouri (Tie)

15. South Dakota 

13. West Virginia (Tie)

13. Oklahoma (Tie)

12. Alabama

11. Nevada

10. Mississippi

9. Delaware

7. North Dakota (Tie)

7. Hawaii (Tie)

6. Arizona

5. Louisiana

4. Texas

2. South Carolina (Tie)

2. New Mexico (Tie)

1. Montana