Poll results: 80% say they were coerced to break regs

On Nov. 30, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) posted one its Final Rules to protect truck and bus drivers from being forced to violate federal safety regulations. The new regulation takes effect in 60 days from that publication in the Federal Register.

When we posted that story to the Truckers News website, we included a poll. We wanted to know if readers ever felt forced to drive in violation of federal regulations or face consequences. So we asked:

“Have you ever felt forced to violate a regulation while working?”

Here’s the results of that poll:

  • Yes: 79.83 percent
  • No: 20.17 percent

A total of 352 people responded, and while such polls are not totally scientific, the results of this one are still dramatic. It means eight out of 10 respondents felt they had, at one time or another, been coerced to drive or face some sort retribution.

And, our poll asked folks to comment, and several did. Here’s what they said: