Heads up, truckers! Christmas cargo thefts expected to rise

Forget about the Grinch who stole Christmas.

Truckers on U.S. highways have a lot nastier thieves to worry about as the number and value of cargo thefts are expected to increase during the upcoming holidays.

Thefts of cargo from trucks is expected to increase in the next two weeks.

FreightWatch International (FYI) this week warned that the last two weeks of the year — including Christmas and New Year’s — are historically bad for thefts of and from trucks. And, because both Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on Fridays this year, the long weekends offer crooks more opportunity to  steal from trucks that may be unattended and/or parked in unsecured locations.

The company also said the holiday season also sees an increase in pilferage and theft from shipping facilities.

Need proof?

Here’s FWI’s list of “Notable Thefts from Previous Winter Holiday Weekends”:

2015 – Facility theft of $300,000 of electronics on New Year’s Day in Texas

2014 – Fictitious pickup of $1 million of apparel in New Jersey

2013 – Full truckload theft of $285,000 of ATVs & seacraft in Texas

2013 – Facility theft of $100,000 of apparel in Florida

2012 – Last-mile courier theft of $127,000 of pharmaceuticals in Oklahoma

2012 – Full truckload theft of $1.1 million of electronics in California

What Can Be Done?

FreightWatch International suggests companies confirm holiday hours of operation with shipping partners to reduce the possibility of delays. FWI also urges a review of all security policies and procedures, and the companies use  GPS tracking with an active monitoring program to help reduce the possibility of theft and to aid in recovery of equipment and cargo if a shipment is stolen.