Driver risks his safety to aid couple whose camper caught fire

A company driver for Melton Truck Lines of Tulsa, Okla. was recently recognized for his role in helping two motorists whose camper was on fire.

Mack Parks of Wichita Falls, Texas, was named a Highway Angel by the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) for his action ins last spring.

The TCA says:

Mack Parks

“On May 2, 2015, Parks was driving on I-65, near Franklin, Ind. when he noticed that a camper being hauled by a truck was on fire.  Parks drove along side the truck and noticed an elderly couple driving unaware of the camper fire. After several attempts to get the couple’s attention Parks was finally able to alert them of the fire and they moved to the side of the road.

“Parks knew from his experience as a volunteer firefighter that the camper was too engulfed in flames to save it and focused his attention on removing the burning camper from the truck. ‘I knew the camper had to be lifted off the hitch and the truck moved away fast to avoid the fire from spreading to the vehicle and causing even more damage,’ Parks said.

“Frustrated but determined to move the truck by himself Parks was glad to finally see another motorist stop to help lift the camper off the truck. Sadly the couple had all their belongings in the camper and it was a total loss but thankfully the quick action of Mack Parks saved the couples truck and possibly their lives.”

Parks has been driving for Melton for two years after serving in the Army National Guard.

TCA’s Highway Angel program is sponsored by EpicVue.