Lytx recognizes company drivers with awards

Harold Johnson (center) of Verhia Trucking stands with Lytx Chairman and CEO Brandon Nixon (left) and Del Lisk (right). (Image Courtesy of Lytx, Inc.)

Lytx, Inc., a video telematics company, announced the winners of its 2015 “Driver of the Year” awards.

Harold Johnson, a company driver since 2009, was awarded first place in Lytx’s “For-Hire” category. He drives for Veriha Trucking, Inc., and has had no preventable accidents or moving violations. He drove more than 97,500 miles in 2015 and also earned the Presidents Safe Driver Club award from the Wisconsin Motor Carrier Association for the past two years.

Aaron Perry (center) of US Foods, Inc. accepts his award. (Image Courtesy of Lytx, Inc.)

For-Hire Trucking Awards:

  • First Place Winner: Harold Johnson of Veriha Trucking, Inc.
  • Second Place: Bobby Frye of Cargo Transporters
  • Third Place. Tied: Terry Anderson of Long Haul Trucking, Inc., Jeffrey Burke of Lily Transportation, Inc.

Private Trucking Award Winners:

  • First Place Winner: Aaron Perry of US Foods, Inc.
  • Second Place: Mark Adams of Reyes Holdings-Reinhart
  • Third Place: Juan Lockett of Linde

“At its core, good driving is all about the right attitude and exceptional decision making, and our Driver of the Year and Coach of the Year award winners have consistently demonstrated these qualities,” said Del Lisk, vice president of safety services for Lytx.