Love’s signs deal to operate 29 Pennsylvania CNG facilities

Updated Mar 30, 2016

Trillium CNG, Love’s Travel Stops compressed natural gas company, was awarded a contract earlier this week by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to design, build, operate and maintain 29 compressed natural gas (CNG) facilities in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania DOT Secretary Leslie Richards speaks at the Love’s CNG announcement.

“This is an expansive project that will provide cleaner-burning fuel at a stable cost for transit authorities and residents in dozens of communities,” said Bill Cashmareck, general manager of natural gas for Love’s. “This agreement highlights Trillium’s record of partnering with the public sector and we look forward to building on that strength.”

Seven locations will serve the motoring public, including light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks. The fueling sites will be strategically placed throughout the state to give fleets and motorists convenient access to more CNG locations.

The locations will be constructed over the next five years, greatly increasing the number of CNG facilities currently open in the state. According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center, Pennsylvania has 61 CNG facilities, 35 of which are open to the public.

Love’s Travel Stops operates five travel stops in Pennsylvania, while Trillium operates three CNG facilities in the state. Trillium has developed several other sites that are now operated by third parties. Visit PennDOT’s website for additional details.