Maryland cops use dump trucks to spot distracted drivers

Maryland State Police Sgt. Michael Smart drives an MDTA dump truck looking for distracted drivers during “Operation Trojan Horse.”

That dump truck driving by may not have been hauling anything other than a cop with an eye out for distracted drivers.

Maryland State Police used dump trucks as part of “Operation Trojan Horse,” a crackdown on motorists using cell phones while driving.

Troopers in the Trojan Horses — Maryland Transportation Authority dump trucks — identified motorists who were distracted by using cell phones or other hand-held devices. Police units would then make a stop of the violator.

This effort resulted in:

  • 172 motorist contacts
  • 113 citations
  • 111 warnings
  • 1 safety equipment repair order
  • 4 commercial vehicles inspected with one driver and one vehicle being placed out of service
  • 2 drivers with suspended driver’s licenses