OKC bridge struck by truck collapses

KOKH Fox 25 Facebook post

Oklahoma City Police say a flatbed truck Thursday afternoon, May 19, struck the May Avenue bridge, which collapsed onto the Northwest Expressway. The driver was not injured in the crash.

Fox-25 television in Oklahoma City reports the driver told police he made it under the bridge in the eastbound lanes earlier and figured he’d be able to make it back on the westbound lanes.

The Oklahoma City Fire Department reports there is a difference of four inches in height between the east and westbound lanes under the bridge.

All lanes of Northwest Expressway and May Avenue are closed until further notice, according to the City of Oklahoma City.

Fox-25 reports two similar crashes have occurred at the bridge:

  • in 1993 an eastbound tractor-trailer struck the bridge
  • in 2014, a semi carrying tankers struck the bridge