Two say shippers have role to play in parking crisis

Speaking at a recent trucking conference, two industry experts disagreed on some issues, but were on the same page when it came to solving the problem of too little truck parking on major freight corridors and other heavily truck-traveled highways.

James Jaillet, news editor for Overdrive and Commercial Carrier Journal covered and wrote about a discussion between Todd Spencer, head of regulatory affairs for the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, and Ted Scott, chief of engineering for the American Trucking Associations.

Jaillet wrote:

“The point-counterpoint session saw the two square off on issues like the coming electronic logging device mandate, under-21 interstate truckers, requiring speed limiters and more.

“Shippers, both speakers said, need to take on a greater responsibility in the matter. ‘The city and state tell us how many handicap spaces we have to have at a facility,’ (Spencer) said. ‘Every shipper or receiver facility that accepts and receives trucks needs to bear some kind of responsibility. How do we get there? We’re raising the issue now.'”

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