Surprise inspections place 16 trucks out of service in Nebraska

The Nebraska State Patrol conducted surprise commercial vehicle inspections Wednesday, June 29, in North Platte, and wound up placing numerous vehicles out of service.

Nebraska State Patrol officer performs an inspection.

They said the surprise inspections targeted trucks that might not travel outside the city or pass through weigh stations as part of their regular routes.

Enforcement teams:

  • Conducted 60 inspections
  • Discovered 125 violations
  • Placed 16 vehicles out of service
  • Put two drivers out of service for not having CDLs
  • Placed two drivers out of service for log book violations
  • Issued citations totalling $2,050 in fines.

This was the sixth enforcement event of 2016. Inspections have also been conducted in Lincoln, Sarpy County, Omaha, Grand Island and Kearney this year. Further surprise inspections are planned through the fall in cities and towns across Nebraska.

The inspection team is funded largely by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.