Driving school now works with anti-trafficking organization

Specialized Driver Training, which is based in Springfield, Missouri, announced today a new partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking to help combat human trafficking. Students are trained to identify possible victims of human trafficking and are given the information needed to report it to authorities.

Truckers Against Trafficking mobile display

The Truckers Against Trafficking program offered by Specialized Driver Training utilizes a truck driver’s position on the interstate highway system to assist law enforcement agencies combating human trafficking. To date, reports and tips from truck drivers who have been through this training have led to the opening of 452 human trafficking cases involving 992 victims, 270 of which were children.

“It’s a great program, and the bottom line is that it’s working,” said Jodi Madden, program director at Specialized Driver Training. “We are thrilled to be offering this training as part of our curriculum and our students are very excited to have the opportunity to help out.”

Students are given wallet cards with instructions on how to identify a possible victims and the specific hotline numbers to call to get law enforcement involved.