Court orders C.R. England to pay $2.35 million in back pay

Updated Dec 18, 2016

C.R. England has been ordered by a federal district court to pay 6,336 drivers a total of $2.35 million for failure to pay them minimum wage for all hours worked, including non-driving time, and failure to allow the drivers to take paid rest breaks, as California law requires.

The Salt Lake City-based carrier says it will not comment on the litigation. The settlement was given a stamp of approval by a federal judge this week after the original order was issued Nov. 29.

The lawsuit against C.R. England was originally brought in February in California state court before being transferred to a federal court in Utah.

The settlement breaks down to a net payment of $273 per driver. The remainder of the settlement goes to attorney’s fees and court costs, according to court documents.

The case is similar to a recent order issued to Walmart’s private fleet, who will pay 850 drivers $55 million for unpaid, non-driving time.