Cops: Driver went non-stop Seattle to Mass. on drugs

Truck and trailer impounded by police (Deerfield Police photo)Truck and trailer impounded by police (Deerfield Police photo)

A truck driver was arrested and charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs after driving non-stop from Seattle to Deerfield, Massachusetts earlier this week.

The Deerfield (Mass.) Police Department says in a post on its Facebook page the driver, who they did not identify, admitted to having used crystal meth, LSD and cocaine.

According to Google Maps, it would take some 44 hours to cover the 2,985 miles from Seattle to Deerfield.

About noon on Tuesday, March 28 Deerfield Police officers responded to a call about a “despondent truck driver” at the Circle K. In a post on their Facebook page the police said the man had locked himself out of his truck.

The police report the man was combative showing signs of drug use. The driver, police say, admitted to using LSD, cocaine and crystal meth.

After a struggle, officers took the man to the Baystate Franklin Medical Center and impounded the truck and trailer. Deerfield Police aid the truck and trailer would be inspected by the state police Commercial Vehicle Section.

Deerfield is located in central western Massachusetts north of Springfield along I-91.