Trucker found guilty in crash that killed 83-year-old woman

Alpha DialloAlpha Diallo

An Ohio truck driver has been found guilty on six counts after he was involved in a crash in 2015 that left an 83-year-old woman dead.

Alpha Diallo, a 41-year-old truck driver from Columbus and originally from Sierra Leone, was driving an empty Kroger truck when he crashed into standing traffic on U.S. 23 on July 8, 2015. He killed one person and injured two others, according to police.

The prosecutor alleged Diallo was high on oxycodone at the time of the crash. Forensic evidence showed Diallo had opened Facebook on his phone and clicked on a “What Country in the World Best Fits Your Personality?” quiz seconds before the crash occurred.

He was charged with nine total counts. Following a four-day trial, the jury found him guilty of of three felonies and three misdemeanors on Oct. 13. Those guilty verdicts include one count of reckless driving causing death and two counts of reckless driving causing serious impairment of bodily function. He was found not guilty on one count of operating while intoxicated causing death and two counts of operating while intoxicated causing serious injury.

A witness alleged that Diallo never appeared to hit the brakes before the crash. During the trial, Diallo said he did not recall taking a Facebook quiz but did say he was speeding when the crash occurred. He told the court he has sickle cell anemia and was prescribed oxycodone by his doctor. He said he’d taken a pain pill that morning after he was done fasting for Ramadan. He said he was trying to pass another truck and failed to notice traffic was backed up. He testified he did not see the cars until it was too late.

Diallo’s sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 6. He is currently free on a $25,000 personal recognizance bond.