XPO Logistics keeps Tour de France bike race moving


XPO Logistics truckers in Europe play a critical role in the Tour de France, the famed bicycle race.

Fifty-five of the fleet’s drivers and 46 of its trucks are traveling with the event through July 29 to transport barriers, podiums, gates, course paint, furniture, sound and video equipment, merchandise and more. The drivers prepared for five months before the event so they could transport the 360 tons of equipment over 167,000 miles as seamlessly as possible.

XPO Logistics has been the race’s official transport partner for 38 consecutive years.

“The Tour de France is a thrilling challenge for our team, and we’re proud to once again serve as the event’s official transport provider. We have been supporting this event for decades, and every year the excitement is palpable. Our role behind the scenes is vital to making the tour a success and ensuring that the athletes can give it their best,” said Luis Gomez, XPO Logistics Europe’s managing director of transport.